The Prometheus Academy - Spring 2018 Class Tuition

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For information about payment options, read the Payment Options page.
For information about late payment and refund policies, read the Prometheus Late Payment and Refund Policy page.

Click a subject area to display annual and semester tuition class costs:
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Important Payment Policies

Payment Methods
Tuition Method Payment Deadlines Payment Description
Annual - 1 Deadline: Sept 13, 2017 One annual payment for a TEN percent tuition discount
Semester - 2 Deadlines: Sept 13, 2017 and Jan 31, 2018 Two semester payments for a FIVE percent tuition discount
Monthly - 9 Due first day of month,
automatic late fee after 3rd day of any month
Pre-authorized nine monthly credit card/debit card payments (September through May)

Note: The materials fees are part of the tuition payments. You will not pay a separate materials fee for any class.


Engineering Tuition


History, Government, and Miscellaneous

History, Government, and Miscellaneous Tuition


English and Speech

English and Speech Tuition


Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Tuition



Languages Tuition



Writing Tuition



English and Speech Tuition



Mathematics Tuition


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