The Prometheus Academy - The Biotechnology Advantage

Sharing the fire of learning

What advantages does biotechnology bring to EVERY science class taught at Prometheus?

Advanced Lab Equipment

Every class can take advantage of advanced lab equipment.  Because we are investing in equipment and we integrate this equipment and technology into the lab exercises in many lower-grade science classes
For example,

A Competitive Advantage

Your student's experience with advanced technology provides them with a valuable competitive advantage when applying for scholarships and academic programs.
For example,

Advance Your Student's Own Research

Your student will be able to use biotechnology protocols and equipment for their own research.  As we learn to use new technology, new techniques, and new protocols, your student is equipped to branch out into new areas of science exploration.  Our future plans include providing research opportunities for students!
On every level, biotechnology is fascinating and fun!  Your student will (more than likely!) be inspired by the knowlege they gain and the skills they acquire.

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