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Class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Prerequisites: None.

Class Size: 10 students

Art - Drawing and Painting for High School: 3½ hours per week, 32 weeks

In this class we focus on using different techniques and mediums, learning proper terms, and studying the work of different artists for inspiration.  I will assess each student's skill level as we work and help each one to improve throughout the year.

When painting, we explore ways to use the medium and study color, value, composition, textures, form and perspective as a few examples.  These and other art elements are also be taught while drawing.  Painting is done with gouache, a medium that can be used in a versatile way to achieve different effects.  Graphite pencil, charcoal, ink (in different forms), and colored pencil are some of the drawing mediums that are used.

All graduating high school students need one Fine Art credit.

There is a list of supplies that students are required to purchase and bring to every class period.
I will supply anything needed otherwise.
Students may also bring an apron or smock to wear during class.

High School Art Class Materials

Students will not need the gouache set, watercolor pad, or any paint brushes other than the bamboo brush until a few months after school starts.
Some supplies may need to be replenished during the year.
A few additional items will need to be purchased before the Spring Semester begins.

Art Class Materials and Supplies for 2017-2018
Item Item Item
Supplies Needed at Start of Classes
23"x26" sketch board Sketch book 9"x12" Drawing pad 9"x12" (50 sheets)
Bamboo brush Mixed media pad 9"x12" or 11"x 14" Pencils: HB [H, F], 2B, 4B, Ebony
Charcoal pencils 2B Vine charcoal, soft Compressed charcoal, 2B or 4B
Ballpoint pens Fine point pen, 2.0 Cup for water
Palette 12" ruler Tortillons (stump)
White eraser Kneaded eraser   
Supplies Needed after a Few Months
Large white gouache 9"x12" watercolor pad Gouache set, 24 colors
½" Wash brush 1" Mop brush #6 Filbert brush
#4 Round brush      

Heather Clinton

Heather Clinton picture

Heather studied painting, printmaking, and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  While attending college, she worked as a periodontal surgical assistant.  She married after college and had two children, who attended a private school at which Heather ended up teaching high school Art.  After 10 years of teaching there, she moved on to another private school to teach the same subject for another four years.  Once her second child reached the 6th grade, she decided to quit teaching and home school her son.  Heather has been teaching at home and making art ever since.

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