The Prometheus Academy - Computer Programming (6th through 10th)

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Computer Programming only meets on Tuesdays, 2:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Prerequisites: None.

Computer Programming: 1¼ hours per week, 32 weeks

Have you ever wondered how a computer works?  We use computers everyday, but for many they remain a black box, a magical device which can display images and video, play music and games, hold all our data and send it out over the Internet.  If you learned how the magic behind this machine worked you could do anything imaginable!  Fortunately, computers are not actually mysterious, in fact, they are quite simple; all they do is a bit of math and logic, which anyone can learn.

Our class focuses on learning how the parts of a computer work.  Some of these parts you have heard about, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM), Storage (HardDrive); however others may be totally new: register, cache, arithmetical-logic-unit, memory-management-unit.  You learn how to manipulate these parts to do what you want them to by programming: the art of transforming data.  We cover everything from the lowest level of how electricity flows through the computer, to the highest level where we can speak to the computer in human-designed programming languages.

You will learn about:

These computer projects include:

Class Materials

Every student is expected to have a dedicated computer on which they can program. I recommend the Raspberry Pi 3, as they're much cheaper than other computers, and are easy to experiment with; and they can easily bring these computers to class. The tuition includes a $30 fee which goes towards supplying monitors, keyboards, and mice for the computer lab.

Collin Eye

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Collin is a graduate from the University of Texas with a B.A in English and a minor in Computer Science.  He was homeschooled and has enjoyed giving back to the community through teaching English and Critical Thinking in 2010 at the Prometheus Academy, as well as teaching a summer camp for programming.  He believes that learning to program can benefit everyone in pursuing their dreams; and that the arts can help shape and inspire those dreams.  Outside of teaching he designs video games in the hopes of making one as narratively rich as anything in the vast trove of literature.

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