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Spring 2018 Registration from November 6th, 2017 through January 31st, 2018 - Action Steps

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Questions, send email to Courtney Edmonson at:   Courtney Edmonson

Class only meets on Wednesdays, 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

2017-2018 Tuition: $300 per semester or $569 annual

Class Size: 12 students

Homework Expectations: While this course meets for 1½ hours, once a week, many activities are required to be done at-home through sample collection, data analysis, and so forth.

Environmental Science: 1½ hours per week, 32 weeks.

This high-school level class combines Life Science and Earth Science, touching on Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering, and applies it to real world issues.  Through mathematical modeling, labs, case studies, and projects, we explore human impact on the environment using the scientific processes, including proper data collection, and responsible conclusions.  Topics include ecology, energy flow, ecological structures, earth systems, as well as atmospheric, land, and water science.  Discussions include management of natural resources and analysis of private and governmental decisions involving the environment.

Class Materials

BIOZONE's Environmental Science Student Workbook introduces students to the Earth's physical and biological systems, and examines the interactions of humans with their environment.

Textbook: Environmental Science Student Workbook, by Tracey Greenwood and Richard Allan, 3rd edition, © 2013, ISBN 978-1-927173-55-8
250 Pages, Paperback, BIOZone, Publisher Phone Number: 855-246-4555

NOTE: If we have 10+ students, we can make a bulk purchase directly from BIOZone with each book costing $20.00

New and Used books available through:   Amazon    DealOz    GetTextBooks

Environmental Science Student Workbook


Courtney Edmonson

Courtney Edmonson picture

Courtney earned her B.S. in Forensic Science from the University of Central Oklahoma  She completed a technical investigations practicum with the Oklahoma City Police Department and was a research assistant involved with cloning C. elegans (nemotodes).  She has been teaching middle school and high school science at The Prometheus Academy for five years, specializing in gifted and academically advanced students.   Her teaching methods focus on student-led discovery, high impact labs, and alternative assessments.  Courtney comes from a family of public educators and has been homeschooling her three children since 2004.

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