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In Fall 2018, Latin I is no longer offered at The Prometheus Academy.

If you are interested in Latin I instruction, please contact Martha Bowers directly using email.

Questions, send email to Martha at:   Martha.Bowers

Latin I: 2½ hours per week, 32 weeks

We're traveling back almost 2000 years to AD 79, a time when the Romans controlled much of Europe.  The magnificent Italian city of Rome is the centre of the Roman Empire and 125 miles to the south of the capital is the beautiful Bay of Naples, the slumbering volcano Mount Vesuvius, and the prosperous Pompeii.

Using the well-respected Cambridge Latin series, we begin a survey of Latin grammar using a reading approach.  Students begin reading about a Roman family living in Pompeii and learn, along with Latin vocabulary and grammar, about the culture (what they ate, what they wore, how they were educated and how they spent their spare time), and history of Rome and its provinces in the first century.

The High School class covers the first two units (two separate books) of the Cambridge series.  In Book II, we travel to two distant Roman provinces, both very different from each other.  Exotic Egypt is our final destination, but first, we explore a Roman province on the very edge of the Empire where it is cold and wet.  Welcome to Britannia!  Grammar included are relative clauses, present participles, and all five declensions.

Students should plan to spend 10-20 minutes a day outside of class in vocabulary review, and in declension and conjugation memorization.  In addition, there will be homework assignments.

Latin I is a year-long, high-school level language course that fulfills the requirement of a year of foreign language study.

Latin Class Objectives

Why study Latin?

Latin students learn grammar, which directly improves their English grammar.  Latin students consistently score higer than other language students on the verbal portion of the SAT.  Latin vocabulary makes the study of any science easier.  And, as at least one Latin textbook mentions, the study of Latin makes anything else seem easy in comparison.

Class Materials

Latin Unit I   

Latin Unit II   

Latin CD-ROM


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Martha Bowers

Martha received her B.A. in classics (Greek and Latin language, plus literature) from Randolph-Macon Woman's College.  She attended graduate school in classics at the University of Iowa, where she taught Latin and Ancient Literature.

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