The Prometheus Academy - Life Science (6th)

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Meets only on Mondays, 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Prerequisites: None.

Class Size: 12 students

Life Science: 1½ hours per week, 32 weeks

Covers basic information about living organisms, ecology, the human body and evolution.  We use hands-on activities and labs to explore scientific investigation, cells and cell activity, heredity and DNA, classification of organisms, the six kingdoms, all systems of the human body, radioactive dating, fossils, and evolution.  (Your child can skip the Evolution section without penalty, if you are uncomfortable with the Evolution discussion.)

Class Materials

Text book: Holt Science & Technology: Life Science © 2004 ISBN 978-0-030-73164-8 or 0-030-73164-X
Lab Manual: Holt Science & Technology: Life Science Data Sheets © 2004 ISBN 978-0-030-54384-5
Publisher Phone Number: 800-462-6595

Life Science Textbook Life Science Datasheets


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