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Parents and students are jointly responsible for knowing what assignments are required and the due dates.
Teachers need to make assignments available on the web and update information whenever assignments or due dates change.

First Step - Look for your class on this page. Click to display the assignment information.
Second Step - Questions, send email to the teacher asking about assignment.
Final Resort - Text teacher if unsure about last-minute assignment details.

Contacting Teacher for Assignment Information
Teacher Send Email Text Teacher Classes
Martha Bowers Email Martha 972.841.4871 All Latin Classes
Heather Clinton Email Heather   Art (Middle and High School)
Courtney Edmonson Email Courtney 972.966.9773 All Science Classes
Brenda Escobar Email Brenda 972.740.4667 American Sign Language and Texas History
Collin Eye Email Collin 214.543.1776 American History, Advanced Composition, Ludology, and Computer Programming
Julie Poe Email Julie 214.587.3987 MS and HS World Geography, HS and MS English, Spanish I,
Public Speaking, and Writeshop
Habib Saidane Email Habib 972.589.9594 All Math Classes
Laura Woolley Email Laura 972.998.6408 MS Engineering, Lego Mechanisms,
Critical Thinking, and Formal Logic

If the assignment page does not display or an old syllabus displays,  Try to clear your Browser Cache


 Advanced Composition - (Collin Eye) - (Updated 8/28/2017)
 Algebra I - (Habib Saidane) - (2017-2018)
 Algebra II and Beyond - (Habib Saidane) - (2017-2018)
 American History - (Collin Eye) - (Updated 8/28/2017)
 Art - Drawing and Watercolor (HS) - (Heather Clinton) - (Updated 09/11/2017)
 Art - Drawing and Painting (MS) - (Heather Clinton) - (Updated 09/11/2017)


 Biology [Honors HS level] - (Courtney Edmonson) - (Updated 9/6/2017)
 Computer Programming - (Collin Eye) - (Updated 8/28/2017)
 Critical Thinking - (Laura Woolley) - (Updated 8/29/2017)


 Geometry - (Habib Saidane) - (2017-2018)


 Latin I (HS) - (Martha Bowers) - (Not offered)
 Latin II (HS) - (Martha Bowers) - (Updated 9/8/2017)
 Latin III (HS) - (Martha Bowers) - (Updated 9/8/2017)
 LEGOŽ Mechanisms (5th and 6th) - (Laura Woolley) - (Updated 8/29/2017)
 Ludology: The Study of Games - (Collin Eye) - (Updated 8/28/2017)


 Middle School English and Fall 2018 Homework Schedule - (Julie Poe) - (Updated 09/11/2017)
 Middle School World Geography - (Julie Poe) - (Updated 09/11/2017)
 Middle School Math - Epsilon Concepts (Fractions, Coordinates) - (Habib Saidane) - (2017-2018)
 Middle School Math - Zeta Concepts (Decimals, Metric System, Exponents) - (Habib Saidane) - (2017-2018)


 Pre-Algebra (MS) - (Habib Saidane) - (2017-2018)
 Pre-Calculus (HS) - (Habib Saidane) - (2017-2018)



 Writing Workshop - (Julie Poe) - (Updated 10/05/2017)

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