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Meets ONLY on Mondays, 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Prerequisites: Student should know how to write a sentence.

Homework Expectations: 1–3 hours per week, depending on each student's pace.

Write Shop: 1½ hours per week, 32 weeks

Students are welcome to bring a laptop or other device to class to do their writing.

Most of our students could use some work on their writing, and it is often a painful process for us parents.  The WriteShop approach is a good fit even for those who hate writing or deal with difficulties in writing.  It is a really clear process, taking one step at a time.  We work on pre-writing activities, editing, revising, and building particular skills.

In this class, we take small steps to reach our goal of effective writing that does not feel like torture. Students with dysgraphia or dyslexia are absolutely welcome in this class.

Each First Revision and Final Draft needs to be typed.  If that is not possible, they can be neatly handwritten.

Class Materials

Workbook at WriteShop, Inc. Website

WriteShop I Student Workbook - Price: $55.95

WriteShop I Student Workbook


Instructor's Note

In the past couple of years, the cover and format of the Student Workbook has changed.  The price remains the same--$55.95  Please select the Print book, not the E-book.  Instead of a original blue, three-ring binder, the text is a paperback book, with tear out pages.  Older versions are are fine to use as long as all the pages of your copy are intact.  The Synonym Finder is not required for this class.

Julie Poe

Julie Poe is a homeschool mom and an adjunct instructor at Richland College.  She teaches grammar, writing, reading, and listening and speaking classes in the English as a Second or Other Language program.  She has been addicted to teaching since childhood, when she lined her dolls and stuffed animals up in front of a chalkboard and started conveying all the knowledge she had.

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