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Sharing the fire of learning

Dallas Fort/Worth Area

 Arts and Minds | 469.831.7745
 Collin County Homeschoolers Sharing Adventures In Learning (SAIL)
 Dallas Muslim Homeschoolers Association
 Homeschoolers East
 Homeschoolers Hearts and Hugs
 Irving Home Schoolers

Inclusive* DFW Christian-based

 Arlington Association of Home Educators
 Richardson Home School Association (RHSA)
 SALT Educational Co-op
 Tarrant Home Education Assn (THEA)

Texas Homeschooling

 Homeschool in Houston
 Home Educators Alliance for Resources and Training (HEART) of Texas, Inc
 Home Educators Resource Directory
 Local Homeschool Support Groups
 Texas Home School Coalition

National Homeschooling

 Parenting, Academics and Leadership Support (PALS)
 Parenting Beyond Belief
 Science Helps for Secular Homeschoolers
 Secular Homeschoolers
 Successful Homeschooling

* Christan groups that accept homeschoolers with other religious beliefs or do not ask members to sign a specific statement of faith.

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