The Prometheus Academy - 2017-2018 Late Payments and Refunds

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To see payment options for a student entering a Prometheus class at a time other than the beginning of the Fall semester.


Late Payment Policies and Fees

Late fees are charged per student and payable to The Prometheus Academy when:


Assessed late payment fees are:

  1. $25—the first time a parent makes a late payment
  2. $50—the second time we receive a late payment
  3. Pay all late fees and late monthly payments using this link: Late Monthly Fee Payments

Please discuss any unexpected family events such as employment change, separation, or major family health events with The Prometheus Academy administrators so we can work with your family.

Cash is only be accepted in emergencies, not as a regular method of payment.

Checks which are returned for insufficient funds are charged a $30 NSF fee to help cover bank charges to The Prometheus Academy.


Refunds for Classes Dropped Policy

If you drop a class before September 13, 2017, you receive an 80% refund.  After September 13 2017 there is no refund.

Class Tuition—Fall Annual/Semester tuition is due September 01, 2017.

Class Tuition—Spring Semester tuition is due January 19, 2018.


Payment and Registration

Your registration fee enrolls your student, reserves class slots, and pays for class administration expenses.  You only pay one registration fee for each student, no matter how many classes they take.

The Prometheus Academy does not refund your Registration fee once you have reserved class spots.  Please carefully consider your decision before applying for a Prometheus Academy class.


Methods of Paying Class Tuition


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