The Prometheus Academy - Monthly Tuition Procedures

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For Prometheus parents making a monthly tuition payment:

  1. Prometheus sends to each parent a Letter of Agreement and Guidelines that lists the classes for the student and the calculation for the monthly payment tuition.
  2. A parent signs the Prometheus Academy Letter of Agreement.
  3. They return the signed letter of agreement to the Prometheus Academy.
  4. The Prometheus Academy deposits your charge preauthorization into a safety deposit box at JP Morgan Chase bank.
  5. Prometheus sends an email to each parent with a link to a Monthly PayPal page.
    Each student has a specific monthly payment that must be made before the second day of every month.
  6. Each month, the tuition is due on the first day. Your options are:

What Happens Each Month for the Monthly Tuition Payments:

  1. On the 20th day of the month, you receive an email, reminding you that your student's monthly tuition payment is due on the first day of the next month.
  2. Parents can pay at the front desk or by PayPal, up to the end of the first day of the month.
  3. On the second business day, The check is removed from its safe deposit box and presented to the bank cashier for deposit.
  4. For the parents who paid in Step #2, we shed their pre-dated check for that month.

Note: The tuition must be paid by September 29th. October tuition is due on the 1st.


Note: The monthly PayPal tuition amount increases by 3% for January through December 2017. This reflects the new Prometheus Academy policy of passing on the cost of using PayPal to parents.


Note: The Prometheus Academy charges these late monthly payment fees:
         $25- late first time,   $75-second occurence,    and $150-3rd occurence.


Note: The Prometheus Academy extends the opportunity to pay student tuition in monthly payments as a courtesy. It reserves the right to revoke the monthly tuition agreement when parents do not adhere to the monthly payment policy and request the entire semester tuition be paid immediately.


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