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The Prometheus Academy
1100 East Campbell, Suite 200
Richardson, Texas 75081-1933

Caution: When using your GPS, type the street address of The Prometheus Academy.  (Typing the school name can take you to the OLD 2009-2014 school location.)

Get Directions to the current Prometheus Academy location

Map Showing Current Classroom Location


Prometheus is seven blocks southeast of the DART Galatyn Park Rail station (2300 N. Central Expressway, Richardson 75082)

DART Galatyn Park Rail Station and The Prometheus Academy


Directions from Galatyn DART Rail Station to Prometheus

It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to walk to or from the Galatyn Train Station to Prometheus.  It is a safe walk of a little over a mile, with only one area that does not have a sidewalk.

CAUTION:The light at the E. Campbell Rd. and Glenville Rd. crossing intersection is very brief, giving only enough time to get halfway across.  This might be fixed by fall—they were working on the crossing mechanism.  People crossing E. Campbell Rd. from the station to the school should be on the east side of N. Glenville Dr. when they start and begin walking as soon as the green LEFT TURN ARROW displays, rather than waiting for the green light.  By the time they get to the median, it will turn green and give just enough time to cross.

  1. Exit train and walk through the Galatyn Plaza towards the fountain and Eisemann Center.
  2. Turn right on Plaza St.  (The very first street–it goes in front of apartments that you can see from the train.)
  3. Turn left on Galaytn Pkwy.
  4. Turn right on N. Glenville Dr.
  5. Once you reach E. Campbell Rd., the school is on the right across the street.


Bus Information

Bus #360 route map:  The stop ID# for the bus stop on E. Campbell Rd, just in front of the school, is ID#20854, which people can use on the DART website to plan a trip itinerary.  Use bus #360.  This is a viable option for leaving Prometheus to go back to the train—it connects with the Arapaho, Spring Valley, LBJ, and Forest Lane stations for both red and the orange lines.

For now, if taking the bus to Prometheus, it is also bus #360, but it lets off about ¼ mile from Promethus, on N. Greenville Ave. and N. Glenville Rd.  This is stop ID#32109.  Directions from that stop to the school are to walk to the N. Greenville Ave./N. Glenville Dr. intersection and turn right on N. Glenville Dr.  Again, once you reach E. Campbell Rd., the school is on the right across the street.  This is about an 8 minute walk.  Same instructions on crossing the street.


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