The Prometheus Academy - 2017-2018 Policies

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Our policies are similar to those of the Home School Connection Program at Eastfield College.  If your student has taken classes there, many of our policies will look familiar.  Our policies are designed to provide your student with a safe and comfortable learning environment.



Our Mission

 We offer excellent academic opportunities to the teenage North Texas homeschool community.
 We serve families with diverse political perspectives and religious practices.
 We believe that inclusive educational experiences enrich every student's knowledge base and social skills.


Payment and Registration 

Your registration fee enrolls your student, reserves class slots, and pays for class administration expenses.  You only pay one registration fee for each student, no matter how many classes they take.

Methods of Paying Class Tuition

For information about late payment and refund policies, read the Prometheus Late Payment and Refund Policy page.

Cash is only be accepted in emergencies, not as a regular method of payment.  A signed, written receipt is sent.

$30—fee for checks returned due to insufficient funds.

Payment Options available based on date student enters school.

Drop policy—If you drop a class before September 13, 2017, you receive an 80% refund.  After September 13, 2017 there is no refund.

Class Tuition—Fall Annual/Semester tuition is due September 1, 2017.

Class Tuition—Spring Semester tuition is due January 19, 2018.


Student Drop Off and Pick Up 

Because this is a facility with adults, we need to be careful with the safety of our students, so our policies are similar to the policies we had at Eastfield College.  If your student is less than 15 years old, please escort them into the building and sign them in on the sign in sheet for the class.  You can also sign a form allowing other family members and friends to sign your student in and out of class.  If your student is 15 years old, or older, you may sign a permission form that allows the student to sign himself in and out of class.

In addition, we have some waiting space (this year!). Please be prompt in picking up and dropping off your student.  I encourage you to wait in the car until it's time for class.  Then you can bring your student inside to sign him in, or permit her to sign-in herself.


Bad Weather and Holidays 

As teachers, we hate disruptions to our class schedule.  We have a lot to cover, and a lot to do!  However, North Texas weather doesn't always cooperate with our efforts.  In case of bad weather, we will close down, based on what the Richardson Independent School District does, since that's the closest location to our site.  We will attempt to schedule makeup days, based on the current schedule (probably the Friday following the last day).

Different faiths, belief systems, and cultures follow different holiday schedules.

The Prometheus Academy observes these holidays:

However, if a religious observance or holiday is important to your family, please take that break, inform the teacher ahead of time, and do the make up work assigned for that day.  We feel that this is the best way to respect your family values and our schedule of learning.


Academic Policies 

We believe class attendance is important to the student learning process.  To that end, to get a certificate at the end of a semester, your student needs to attend 80% of the classes in one semester.  At the teacher's discretion, tardies can count as absences (check your class policy).  If your student does miss a class, make sure he picks up his makeup work.

Homework policies are up to the individual teachers.  In some classes, your student may be asked to drop the class if he's not doing his homework, and it's affecting the class. Check your student's class policy.

Grading, exam type and frequency, and the nature of final exams are up to the individual teachers.  Check your student's class policy.  Usually, any policy of an academic nature is up to the individual teacher.


Classroom Behavior 

Rules for classroom conduct are meant to provide clear expectations and a pleasant learning environment for everyone to enjoy and have fun.

Food is allowed between classes and during the lunch break.  You are expected to clean up your messes.  Only water is allowed in our class rooms.  Remember, we are often using a classroom as a lab.  Please eat before labs.

Use the restroom before class.  You are always welcome to use the restroom during class.  Of course, it's best to wait for a logical break in the discussion or activity, and to minimize distractions.

Keep your hands to yourself, whether your intentions are friendly or unfriendly.  No touching of body parts, sitting in laps, etc.  No public displays of affection.  It is distracting and does not have a place in the class.

Student dress should be appropriate for classroom settings.
Students in science and engineering classes will be given specific safety parameters for clothing choices.
When wearing clothing with messages or illustrations, please keep content PG and respectful of others.

Respect the property of others and the school's property (chairs, tables, eating areas, and so forth).  Students found deliberately destroying school or other students' property will be expelled from The Prometheus Academy.

Turn off all electronic devices during class.  If your parent needs to call, please have them call the teacher's cell phone (listed on the classroom assignments web page).

If you're waiting for your ride after class, wait quietly if there are other classes in progress.  Enter and leave the building quietly, out of respect for the other occupants.

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