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Sharing the fire of learning

Imagine an educational place for home schooling families that's different. At The Prometheus Academy, we celebrate the freedom of inclusive schooling philosophies, independent thinking, and multiple cultures.  We offer science, mathematics, Latin, social studies, English, and critical thinking classes to complement the family's teaching adventure at home.  Here, we believe nothing is more important than helping your student exceed their next learning goal.


Middle and High School Homeschooling Parents—Are you looking for new education and learning options?

  Are you ready to try something new?
  Are the demands of Middle School and High School courses expensive or time-consuming?
  Looking for an opportunity for your student to learn and have a social community?
  Want to continue your homeschooling curriculum with the support of additional courses?
  Are you thinking about homeschooling and don't know where to begin?
  Looking for bridge between homeschooling and the university?

What science class is most appropriate for my student's ability?

This classroom facility provides the desired learning environment for our students spanning the next three to five years.

The Prometheus Academy is a brick-and-mortar school offering classes for homeschooled, middle and high school students.  Students are placed into classes based on ability, not age, so your student can achieve as much as they want.  Classes generally meet twice a week.  You can take one or as many courses necessary to meet your student's needs.

The Prometheus Academy early registration starts on April 11th for its 2017-2018 class year.  Check the Middle- and High-School schedules, plus the desired class descriptions, to see which courses meet the needs of your students.  For general school questions or unscheduled classes, contact:


The Prometheus Academy Story

The Prometheus Academy has its origins in the Homeschool Connection program at Eastfield College, where a teacher taught science classes and labs.  In Spring of 2009, Eastfield College changed administration and decided to cut several programs, including discontinuing the very effective Homeschool Connection program.  After consulting with many DFW homeschooling parents, we recruited teachers and started The Prometheus Academy in July, 2009.
We have grown in eight years to 87 students, continue to expand class space, and offer diverse classes to DFW home schooling families.  Our teachers prepare students for dual-credit classes and college.  Our continuing goal is to create an environment where students enjoy taking classes as much as we enjoy teaching them!

Our academic model is the university model.  The parent picks and chooses the classes for the student to take with us.  Our classes are 16 weeks per semester, with a one week break for Thanksgiving and a one week Spring Break.  Each teacher offers graded classes and a certificate of completion at the end of each semester.  We provide content and instruction, and the parent supervises study at home, student organization and completion of assignments.  We provide a transition between home schooling and the university.


Why do Parents Drive long distances to the Prometheus Academy?

  To have their students taught by community-college level teachers with a degree in their field.
  To participate in hands-on, lab-based science classes that provide a solid foundation for college classes.
     Students spend more hours in Prometheus science labs than public schools.
  Our non-science teachers provide engaging dialogue-based class activities for subjects difficult to teach at home.
  Students learn in a social setting to perform collaboratively with other students and teachers.
  Prometheus provides a bridge and a pathway to transition from homeschooling to dual-credit college classes.

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