The Prometheus Academy - Recommended Science Classes By Grade

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One Suggested Course of Study
Grade Classes
5th Life Science or Earth Science
6th Life Science or Earth Science
7th and above Conceptual Physics
9th and above Honors Biology
8th MS Chemistry
7th or 8th Middle School Engineering
(I recommend this in addition to Honors Biology or MS Chemistry)
9th AP Biology
10th Grade and above Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Biotechnology I and II, HS Engineering, and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Skills. Enough lab-based classes to satisfy college entrance requirements or your student's interests.

Most colleges and universities want to see four years of lab-based science classes in high school.  All of our science classes are intensely lab-based!

We are increasing the rigor of our science courses in middle school and high school, because our students are bright and quite capable of handling the more advanced academic components of the curricula that we are using.  (Also, you get to the fun stuff more quickly!)

Note: This is a suggested course of study. If your student has great math skills and sufficient maturity, he or she can take Honors Chemistry at a younger age.  I would be happy to discuss all the options.  We are home-schoolers, after all!

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