The Prometheus Academy - 2017-2018 Student Registration Information

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Student forms you can print:

 2017-2018 Student Registration Form (One registration fee per student, per school year) [Required]
 2017-2018 Release of Liability Form   [Required]
 Emergency Medical Treatment authorization and Student Health Information [Required]
 Release for adults (other than parents) to sign student in and out of classes (optional)
 Release for 15 year-old or older child to sign in and out of classes (optional)
 Release/Decline to use child's photograph by Prometheus Academy [Required]
 Release to exchange Ride Sharing Information (optional)

Note: To display and print the student records forms, you need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader®, which can be downloaded and installed on your computer from the Adobe Corporation Internet site.  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader at no cost from this site.

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