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Spring 2018 Registration from November 6th, 2017 through January 31st, 2018 - Action Steps

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The Prometheus Academy is a brick-and-mortar school offering classes for homeschooled, middle and high school students.  Students are placed into classes based on ability, not age, so your student can achieve as much as they want.  Classes generally meet twice a week.  You can take one or as many courses necessary to meet your student's needs.

The Prometheus Academy has started early registration for its 2017-2018 class year.  Check the Middle School Schedule and High School Schedule, plus the desired class descriptions, to see which courses meet the needs of your students.  For general school questions telephone Brenda Escobar  (972.740.4667) or Courtney Edmonson  (972.966.9773).  For other class questions, please email the teacher listed with each class description.


Steps to Register Your Student

  1.  Look over the 2017-2018 Class Schedule and class descriptions on the Prometheus website.
  2.  Talk to brenda Escobar about your student's needs and desired classes..
  3.  Select classes, talking with Prometheus instructors and your student.  Contact the teacher by email (email addresses for teachers and staff) if you have questions about a class.
  4.  Fill out the 2017-2018 Registration Form that lists classes and current contact information.
  5.  Complete required 2017-2018 student registration forms. Email, mail, or bring the Registration Form (plus registration fee) to The Prometheus Academy business address.
     (One registration fee per student, per school year).
  6.  Pay student registration fee by mail using check, ATM/debit/credit card at the desk, or online with the Prometheus PayPal page.

Note: Prometheus Academy reserves a class slot for your student when you complete the above steps.
Once a class fills up, The Prometheus Academy puts students on a class waiting list.
Note: The Prometheus Academy MUST receive your registration form by August 21st to COMPLETE your student's class selection.

Remaining steps to prepare your student

  1.  Review 2017-2018 Class Tuition rates.
  2.  Review the Prometheus Academy policies.  Contact Courtney Edmonson (972.966.9773) if you have questions about Prometheus policies.
  3.  Gather required information for student's safety and privacy forms.
  4.  Complete student's safety and privacy forms.
  5.  Select student class books using course descriptions and online resources.
  6.  Pay student's annual, semester, or starting a monthly tuition using a pre-authorized credit/debit card agreement.
     September 13, 2017 and January 31, 2018 are the final days for a refund of 80% for any Prometheus class.
  7.  For parents who want to share transportation, check for families that want to share rides (August 1st).

You can email Prometheus registration forms to:

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